PCB Design Course in Pune

When you are engaged in a profession to work on electronic parts, you may be familiar to Printed Circuit Boards. However, it is not easy to create the board without skill. To learn it, you can look for the PCB design courses in Pune.

PCB Design Course pune


Livewire offers you comprehensive training course helps you to know the PCB development cycle. You can create schematic diagram with the use of OrCAD capture. The PCB board layout will become very clear to you. This institute has 48-hour course, available for you in Pune.


This is another Pune-based center to train you with the technological skill, relevant to PCB design and development. After going through the course, you may find job in PCB Prototyping companies. However, akiwatePCB is also a company, offering PCB design services.

Projects Pune 

To have 15-day PCB training at a reasonable price, you can choose this course. From auto and manual routing to design verification, everything is there in the course curriculum. You will also know about the boards of various types. The course fee ranges from INR 700 to INR 7000.

Sofcon India Pvt. Limited

This is also one of the training centers to offer circuit design and PCB design training services in Pune. At this institute, you will get the best lab facilities and infrastructure, essential to the trainees of this course. The trainers will prepare you for future.


To learn the PCB manufacturing and designing process, you will get the high standard training at this institute in Pune. You will learn all the things, including the analogue circuitry, drilling, soldering, circuit simulation, circuit designing and CAD software to design the PCB.

Opulent Infotech Private Limited

This training center helps you to learn about Printed Circuit Board and its manufacturing process. It offers you 80-hour course. You can find out the connections of various components. Each of the modules of the course informs you everything about PCB. The course fee is presently INR 17000.


When you love e-training course to gain your PCB designing skills, you can choose this Pune-based institute. This tutor guided PCB design course will help you to design the digital and analog PCB confidently. You will also get tips on the designing process.

Nasreen Electro-Tech

Located in Pune, this training center provides 16-hour PCB design course to the students in the electronics field. Both the professionals and the new learners may join this course. You will be able to make your skillset better by joining this course.


Zuken has the best professionals to train you with the PCB design process. You can learn all the technical skills, essential to make this designing process successful. Zuken has uniquely designed the course for simplifying everything for the learners in Pune.

Project For Sure

It has arranged an advanced level training workshop for those, who are enthusiastic of PCB circuit design. From electronics hobbyists to electronics engineer, everyone may participate in this course in Pune. You will understand the design steps clearly.

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