PCB Design Companies in Chennai

PCB Design Companies in chennai

A Printed Circuit Board works as the major part of any device. Without the electrical engineering skills, you may not be able to design PCB. Thus, it is better to outsource the PCB design service to the right professionals. We have now chosen the best PCB design companies in Chennai.

Nimbeon Intertechnologies

This company has gained a high status for their manufacturing and design services. While you are looking for electronic engineering solutions or PCB fabrication service, you may rely on this company. Nimbeon Intertechnologies has the best team with the comprehensive knowledge on PCB assembly.


The best PCB designers are available at this company. From the analog design to the power design, you will get all the services from this agency. You may hire team to create the PCB designs from high to low intricacies.

Ensemble Tech Pvt Ltd.

Ensemble team uses the best technologies and tools, which accomplish the PCB manufacturing process accurately. The team members have also the most effective skill set to do the task rightly. They know to focus on design rule checks to keep away from any mistake.

ECHIP Control System

For the high-quality service, ECHIP Control System has become the most known PCB designing agency. This company has its own process for reviewing PCB Footprint. It makes sure that there is no defect in the footprint.

Avanture Technologies

This company offers PCB design services of various types. Avanture Tech team helps you to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards. You may also present them with the prototype. They will assist you until you get the final output. PCB reverse engineering is another solution that you get from them.

GGG Circuits

One of the best electronics companies in Chennai is GGG Circuits, and this company is ready to offer various manufacturing and design services. You may also approach their team to design the PCB. Get the high-quality solution from the team of GGG Circuits.

Proto Circuits 

In the field of PCB design and manufacture, Proto Circuit has gained a leading position in Chennai. Higher quality and better customer service are the target of this company. Create the prototype and final products, used in the electronics world.

Qmax System

It is another PCB design company, offering you very high-density boards. You can get high-speed digital and analog signal in your Printed Circuit Board. The team at Qmax System also creates several other create innovative products, related to hardware and technology.

Greens Circuits

Located in Chennai, this company is specialized in manufacturing various industrial products, including the PCBs. Green Circuits engineers always refine their manufacturing process to offer the best prototype to you. You can rely on their technological knowledge to design your PCBs.

Virya Infotech

Virya Infotech is ready to a offer variety of PCB solutions to the clients. PCB layout, fabrication, schematic capture are the major services of this company. Virya Infotech also thoroughly analyzes the power and signal integrity of your PCB design.

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