Instrument Calibration Training

Hiton Technologies is the first and only institute in Chennai to provide Instrument calibration training to students.


Why should you learn Instrument Calibration

Calibration training can help you to have adequate knowledge and sufficient skills to solve the problems. We have very good and experienced instructors who are willing to teach and help you to learn fundamental and basics of various calibration like pressure, mechanical, electrical and temperature.They also give you some new techniques which you can apply in the workplace.

Key Job Areas For Instrument Calibration

  • Petrochemical Refineries
  • Oil Rigs
  • Bio-medical labs
  • Calibration laboratories (NABL)
  • Service and Maintenance sector

Custom installation training packages

  • Installation and calibration of  analog and digital pressure gauge
  • Installation and calibration of pressure transmitter
  • Calibration of temperature by using (RTD and Thermocouple)
  • Installation and calibration of Temperature indicators and Temperature controller
  • Installation and calibration of D/A voltmeter and Ammeter
  • Loop checking

Temperature Calibration
  • Practical Temperature Calibration
  • Advanced Topics in Temperature calibration
  • Infrared Calibration Training

 Pressure Calibration
  • Principles of Pressure Calibration
  • Advanced Topics in pressure transmitter

 Mechanical Calibration
  • Height gauge
  • Screw gauge
  • Plunger dial
  • Surface table


For More Details Contact

Dilip Kumar K – Calibration Engineer

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